Typical housekeeping tasks and project requirements, including:

  • General project requirement pricing

  • General trucking needs 

  • Job setup and close out

  • Temporary protection packages

  • Site logistics

  • Trash removal

Sample Project

Wexford Science + Technology

Providence Innovation Center

Providence, RI

Scope: Starlite installed the trash shoot, temporary stairs, and a wide variety of project requirements. We also helped the construction team with other miscellaneous tasks including winter protection.


Project Description

The project encompasses new construction of 195,000 sf core/shell office space focusing on the life sciences, being built within Parcels 22 and 25 of the former I-195 land in Providence’s Jewelry District. The complex will serve as the cornerstone of Providence’s Innovation and Design District, a hub of life sciences research, discovery, and entrepreneurial activity for the city and state.

Sample Project

Retail Client

Natick, MA

Scope: This project included a 5,000 sf elaborate floor protection package with a vinyl house wrap underlayment for optimal protection. This was all held together with mending plates.


Project Description:

This project is a complete renovation of an existing retail store.